Client Withdrawal

At WealthWay, making a withdrawal is straightforward and we take only one working day for process the details and every information about withdrawal is provided below. If you need any help regarding withdrawal, our 24X5 support team will help you.

Managed Account Withdrawal

a) Managed accounts are the accounts traded or managed by individual or companies on behalf of client. In such account except deposit and withdrawal of amount, rest of the decision are taken by the Account manager. All the trading account access are given to Account managers by the Customer Directly.

b) WealthWay never appoint or take the assignment of managing any Customer account. So we don’t take responsibility of any profit or loss of managed account Accounts managed by third party fund managers or traders will be having below criteria.

c) Any Managed Account will be managed for a period of Three years from the date of funding of account. So three year period is the completion of contract of Managed Account or maturity.

d) Managed Account Owners can withdraw full or partial amount by intimating your Account/ Fund Managers and writing to WealthWay any time after completion of one year. A period of three months’ notice, from the completion of one year is mandatory for the fund managers to close the open positions without risk.

e) After closing the positions by the Account Managers, Customer need to submit withdrawal in the Customer Login portal.

f) In case Account Managers use long term trades (Trades which are opened for more than 3 months), the submission of withdrawal must be after 18th of any month.

g) Withdrawal of profit in Managed account can be done quarterly, half yearly or yearly.

h) Once the withdrawal is submitted, it will be approved and processed by accounts department within seven working days.

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