Why Wealthway?

Commission on EUR/USD - $12 per lot
Two-level partnership
Monthly Partner-Bonus
Weekly payments
Personal affiliate managers
24/7 support in your native language

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I accept Wealthway Agreement conditions and Privacy policy and accept all risks inherent with operating in the world financial markets.

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More advantages :

A great way to develop your own business andfulfil your dreams of wealth
Risk-free Profit without investments
Generous Commission up to $20 per each lot traded by your client
Total control over your profit: the more active you are in terms of attracting clients, the more you earn
Personal manager
A wide choice of free promotional materials
Opportunity to get unique promo materials for offline advancement upon request

How does it work?

1 Use your partner link and get your client registered through that
2 Your client trades in the market based on analysis and recommendations
3 You get a commission on each trade they undertake
4 You can withdraw your commissions on a weekly basis

Two-level partnership program

You can add more partners under you and get rewarded for the business they bring in

1st level:

You get 100% commission from your direct clients

Example: 25 clients of yours, trading 5 lots per month each.

$1250 TOTAL

2nd level:

You get 20% commission extra from your partner’s business

Example: 50 clients of the 2nd level partners, trading 5 lots per month each.

$500 TOTAL

Demo account equip you with risk-free trading