WHY Wealthway

About Our Company

We are a leading Forex and CFD broker offering dedicated 24*7 service to retail and institutional clients. For us, enabling clients to profit from the market is of utmost importance. Thus, we have dedicated platforms that are optimized for scalpers as well as for traders executing multi-day multi-leg trades. Our clients are empowered with unrestricted access to liquidity and margin-trading facilities.

Why Wealth Way

We provide world-class trading platforms enabling 24-hours instant access to global forex markets, so our clients can tap any opportunity arising from economic and political developments in any corner of the world.

We provide various account types, trading platforms and an array of tools to help our clients to profit from Forex and CFDs. The choice can include automated trading platforms, different level of spreads and liquidity levels. All this facilities coupled with our superfast execution capabilities help our clients to effectively execute their trading strategies.

Our Values

Be Transparent, provide all details to the clients
Client first: we take client feedback seriously
Continuous innovation to offer the best
Embrace a culture of respect for clients and employees
We are responsible for what we promise and act.


Make markets accessible to all and to serve all clients with utmost transparency.


To provide traders 24*7 access to markets and enabling them with great platforms & trading tools.

Benefits of trading through us

We strive every day to provide you with an extra edge in the market. We offer high-speed trading execution, which is getting better every day.

Our investments in technology helps to offer you trading facilities which were earlier accessible only for the elite. We are expanding our network and taking memberships in various exchanges and we are collaborating with top-tier financial institutions. Such efforts help us to offer our clients better service each and every day.

We can thus offer tighter spreads, higher liquidity and access to markets compared to other Forex & CFD brokers.

Our Journey

Started in 2017 by financial market traders, Wealth Way has won the trust of traders by providing seamless service, attractive brokerage and leverage along with access to global Forex and CFD markets.

In this short period, we have won many clients and forged partnerships with leading names in financial services to serve our clients.

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), UK.

Demo account equip you with risk-free trading