You can trade in exchange -listed commodities without spending paying a lot of money as upfront margin. Low margin can help you to hedge or speculate easily.


  • Swap values will be based on rates provided by our Price Provider, based on market conditions and will be applicable to all open positions. Swaps value may be adjusted daily according to the market conditions.Triple swaps are applied every Wednesday.
  • Server Times: Winter: GMT+2 and Summer: GMT+3 (DST) (last Sunday of March and ends last Sunday of October).
  • All Pending Orders will be force closed during market breaks. In case any order is left pending, it will be automatically deleted after the daily market closure time.
  • The availability for trading on CFDs on Commodities is subject to our assessment of the clients.

Margin is Flat 1500$ per standard lot

Commission Applicable on Trading Commodities Futures

(Commodities Contract Expiration Dates)

Demo account equip you with risk-free trading